Sayulita Farmer’s Market

Sayulita Farmer’s Market






The Sayulita farmers market on Friday’s is not only a great place to get great organic produce, but everything you need to eat from week to week. The market attracts quite a few travelers from local towns up the coast and many locals. The quality of the produce and the food products are top of the line. (I was in the produce business in the states for 20 years.) We come over from Roberto’s Bungalows in San Pancho and see many friends from our town enjoying the market.  The quality and the freshness of the products are fast becoming the highlight of many of us who live here full time. The coffee, the flowers, the art, the jewelry, the people and so much more are great reasons to visit Sayulita on Friday’s and bring home food for your week that will keep you smiling! The flowers are so fresh that when you bring home flowers for your beautiful partner they will last till the following Friday when you bring home more. We came home and had an awesome organic beet salad that was out of this world along with some fresh dorado. If you are staying at Roberto’s Bungalows we will get you over there and we can all stock up!




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