Beautiful Golf course in San Pancho!

Yes it’s true….. You can golf on a very beautiful course in San Pancho

called the

Las Huertas Gold and Beach Club. It was been a private course for a few years, but the years have produced a lush tropical paradise golf course. I am, or you could say I was a golfer in the states over the years and loved the game. I really love being surrounded by beautiful grass and trees and water and of course sand traps. I was invited by a couple  staying at Roberto’s Bungalowshere in San Pancho. Les and Lee Langan asked if I could take some time off from my busy schedule and it just so happend I had a few hours to kill. We had a great time and I was blown away by the beauty and the care taken of the course. It is almost like you have been swept away to a tropical Island golf paradise. I believe the cost is $40 american dollars and 11.50 for a cart. I will be on the course a lot more, so come on down or up and let’s do it!

It's like the course is all yours!

From a few holes you can see the ocean

challenging shots


Beautiful fountains, and landscaping


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