Beautiful songs of the singing Roosters!


Cock-A-Doo-El-Do – Cock-A-Doo-El-Do – Cock-A-Doo-El-Do

Ok it’s time I tell my story about living here in Mexico. There is something I really miss about the United States and that would be Peace and quiet! Yes peace and quiet. Living in the United States I can’t recall having roosters wake me up in the last 60 years.

Here in Mexico in our little village it just isn’t the same. Two seasons ago my next door neighbor bought a rooster and it was one without a sense of what time of day or night it was. The rooster would Cock-A-Dude-El-Do day and night as LOUD as loud can go. Starting at midnight and 3 in the morning 5 in the morning, 7 in the morning as he wanted to beat all the other roosters in the village to be the first to crow.

I went to my neighbor and asked if he would get rid of the rooster, because I owned a hotel next door and he just looked at me and smiled. He could speak no English and With how little Spanish I know it was a dead-end talking to this guy! I went back and this time he was a little more understanding, as he nodded much more this time with a bigger smile.

Well this went on for months and it got more irritating as the season went on. I’d had it at one point and I decided to go over and up the amount of money I would pay or cut the head off that bird. On my way over I stopped and told one of my guests what I was doing and she was smiling and I told her I was going to offer them $150.00 and she said make it $1500.00 and I will pay and maybe I can get some sleep. I told her if I was to offer $1500.00 everyone in the village would buy one hoping the neighbor was getting annoyed.

Well I left for my vacation in August and September and to my surprise when we got home the rooster was gone. I thought about asking, but I left well enough alone.
Something I did notice was my neighbors across the street had bought a few roosters while we were gone. I didn’t think much of it until the noise level along with their dogs, chickens and dam roosters were making noise now 24 hours a day. Kind of like living in the middle of a Rooster zoo. Well I noticed many chickens running around and even started catching them in my courtyard. Before I could complain to the owners about the roosters I noticed the rooster noise had gotten to a fever pitch.

Well it was time to go have a talk with my neighbors who I really enjoy. I sat with the son and asked why they needed 8 roosters and he seemed to act like it was no big deal, as he was telling me about the roosters he said that his daughter had a real hard time sleeping, because of them. Then he said that his grandma who is almost 90 likes to hear them sing in the morning, so she keeps buying more. SING? I didn’t know they were singing. I really never thought of it as singing. I just thought it was just a bunch of noise all night and day. every day I see the grandma out front sweeping her leaves and listening to her roosters sing.

Well I am not someone to take away another persons joy, so I am just going to let it go and know that I am a visitor in another country. Oh, oh Mexico.
What can I say except…… Cock a doodle do!

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